School Fees

AaIS receives 85% government funding and the remainder is covered by school fees.Our current school fees are 2472NOK,- per month in 10 instalments for the first enrolled child and then 1854NOK,- for each child thereafter; our siblings discount. A third (or fourth) child will be invoiced 500NOK,-

Enrolment procedure

Enrolment at AaIS is a relatively simple process. AaIS has year round enrolment. This means children may be enrolled at any time throughout the school year

Step 1 - Getting to know each other

We would encourage you to learn more about the school through our website or by contacting the school. 

Enrolment emails are best directed to aais@aais.noLet us know any questions you have or special requirements. In return we’ll add you to our database and keep you in touch with what’s happening in the school.

Step 2 - Submitting the application

When you are ready to enrol you may apply here

You will receive an acknowledgement of your application and any further actions that are necessary to complete the process.

Step 3 - Notification

Once we have processed your application we will notify you in writing of your acceptance and provide details about your child’s teacher and class levels. 
New parents at AaIS will be provided a “welcome pack”, which includes the school policies. In this welcome pack will be our student-parent handbook with electronic access to the policies and other documents.