Our Environment


AaIS has a zero tolerance for bullying, violence, discrimination or harassment. It is a student’s own experience of the psychosocial environment at the school, which is the determining factor.

All members of AaIS are responsible to take action and create a supportive and inclusive environment. We want a secure and safe learning environment and as such respond to a framework of rules and policies where we can feel confident to express ourselves and where everyone feels safe. If a member of school community feels as though they are being bullied then appropriate actions will be taken to resolve the situation.

School Law Chapter 9a-The student’s school environment

9a is the section of the Norwegian «Opplæringsloven» (Education Act) that provides specific information on the rights regarding students’ school environment. In all schools in Norway, students have the right to a positive and safe school environment that promotes health, well being and learning (9a-2). Maintaining this environment is the responsibility of all school employees, including teaching staff, support staff, as well as any other individuals who are present at the school on a regular basis. It is the Principal’s duty to ensure that staff fulfils this responsibility. 9a applies to every student and staff at our school, including SFO and homework support (9a-1).


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Student Council

We have a great team on the Student Council. Hard working and always looking for a new task or challenge. If you have ideas or suggestions, you can always contact them via the suggestion box or drop them an email. They are always keen to hear from you!