Aalesund International School


The initiative to establish Aalesund International School came originally from major companies in the Aalesund region. These companies work in a highly international environment and have recognised the need for such an institution for some time. 
They presented their idea to the Aalesund Chamber of Commerce who responded immediately and decided to pursue the project. Soon after, the Aalesund International School trust was established and the trust worked with the Chamber, regional businesses and local and regional authorities to open a fully functional international school in August 2012.


The Aalesund International School campus is conveniently located at Gåseid, more or less halfway between the Ålesund center and the Moa/Spjelkavik suburban center.

Our school building is approximately 2000m2 and includes classrooms, workrooms, teacher work areas as well as special rooms such as library, makerspace, music room, kafe/canteen, school kitchen and gymnasium.

Our campus

Our building is approved by the health authorities according to parameters such as acoustics, indoor climate, air quality, light quality as well as internal procedures. 
Aalesund International School became legal owners of the building in 2018 and we plan to gradually upgrade our building further. In 2019 the school changed 53 windows and upgraded our outdoor playground among other things.