Our Campus

The Aalesund International School campus is conveniently located at Gåseid, more or less halfway between the Ålesund center and the Moa/Spjelkavik suburban center.

Our school building is approximately 2000 m2 and includes classrooms, workrooms, teacher work areas as well as special rooms such as library, makerspace, music room, kafe/canteen, school kitchen and gymnasium.We also have a modern and safe playground area that includes an astroturf football field and basketball court. 

Our building is approved by the health authorities according to parameters such as acoustics, indoor climate, air quality, and light quality as well as internal procedures for health and safety.

Kenny's cafe​

At AaIS, we pride ourselves on providing a modern school canteen and kitchen where all of our primary students can enjoy their daily snacks and lunch. Our canteen, Kenny’s Cafe, can seat over 80 students, offering ample space for students to relax and enjoy their meals.

School library

The school’s library is made up of two separate sections; one for the primary students and another for the middle school. Our library has well over 7000 fiction and non-books in English, Norwegian and a range of other languages. We use Follett Destiny as our library system.


Our makerspace is a shared space for all students and staff and is used for arts and crafts, design, science experiments as well as meetings and other functions. The rooms has a state of the art 3D-printer, virtual reality equipment and a big screen and canvas


At AaIS, we understand the importance of creating a comfortable and conducive learning environment for our students. That’s why all of our classrooms are equipped with modern layouts and high-quality furniture that meet ergonomic requirements.


Our school gym is a place where our students can exercise and stay fit while enjoying various sports activities. Our gym is equipped with a variety of equipment, including benches, mats, basketball hoops, and goals, which are available for all students to use. 

Music room

Our music room is a place where our students can explore and express their creativity through music. The music room is equipped with a variety of instruments, including pianos, ukuleles, drums, and more, which are available for all students to use. 

Outdoor area

At AaIS, we believe that outdoor play is essential for a child’s development, which is why we’ve upgraded our outdoor area to meet the highest standards of safety and fun. Our outdoor area features a range of modern play equipment suitable for students of all ages, including swings, slides, climbing frames, and more. We’ve also installed a state-of-the-art multisport astroturf field and basketball court, providing ample space for sports and outdoor activities. All of our play equipment is approved to meet the highest safety requirements, ensuring that students can play and explore in a secure environment. We take pride in providing our students with an outdoor space that promotes physical activity, creativity, and social interaction.