AaIS language of instruction is English. Norwegian language lessons are apart of the student’s weekly schedule. The total number of Norwegian lessons AaIS students experience is equivalent to that of local schools and in alignment with Norwegian law requirements.

We support students’ language development in a number of ways. Initially, we assess students language level and then place based on proficiency in either the Language and Literature (L.L.) or the Language Acquisition (L.A.).

  • Language and Literature (L.L.)-Students placed in either Norwegian or English L.L. classes have a higher language proficiency.
  • Language Acquisition (L.A.)-Students placed in either Norwegian or English L.A. classes have a need to develop foundational language skills. It is our goal to support L.A. students to transition into L.L. classes.
  • Mother-tongue support-It is our aim that students will receive mother-tongue support from a native speaker weekly in developing Norwegian language, based on availability.
Currently we offer Spanish lessons during the school day and separate beginner/intermediate Spanish Clubs after school (please see Spanish Club).