AaIS proudly announces the continued authorization of our International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP)

On Wednesday 8 January we received  the official "Evaluation report" from the IB World Schools Department. We have successfully completed our Self-Study and Evaluation Visit Fall 2019. As an Authorized IB World School, we are passionate about providing students with a high quality benchmarked education. Authorization is in a 5 year cycle, providing us time to further implement the recommendations provided in the report.
The report provided many commendations highlighting specific IB Standards & Practices we exceptionally do well. Here are some specifics:
  • "The school for establishing an environment in which students use a variety of strategies to reflect on their learner profile development."

  • "The school for creating open channels of communication, in which all stakeholders feel heard and respected."

  • "The school for developing strong connections with the community, and utilising these to enhance teaching and learning in the programme."

  • "The school for engaging with the community, including the local university, museum, Royal Horticultural Society, and local businesses, in order to plan a wide range of meaningful learning experiences for students."

  • "The school for systematically addressing the IB learning profile in written curriculum and embedding it in the school culture."

  • "The school for providing opportunities for teachers and students to extensively use the information technologies in daily teaching and learning."

  • "The school for creating an environment that fosters understanding and respect between all members of the school community."

  • "The school for using assessment to make the learner profile central to their daily interactions by giving feedback and feedforward."