Generous funding from Sparebank1 SMN

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Regional bank Sparebank1 SMN has decided to support the establishment of AaIS with NOK 250 000.


- Many of our customers are companies that belong to the maritime cluster in the Sunnmøre region and we recognise that the establishment of AaIS is important to them. We take their concerns seriously and want to contribute to the positive development of our region, says bank manager Olav Groven from Sparebank1 SMN.


Aalesund International School is very happy to include Sparebank1 SMN among our supporters.



Support from neighbour municipalities

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Aalesund International School has recently received economic support from neighbouring municipalities Sula, Giske and Stordal kommuner.

AaIS wants to become an international school for the entire Sunnmøre region and we welcome the support from communities around Ålesund.


Haram Council allocates funds

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Haram Council have decided to allocate NOK 50 000,- to the establishment of Aalesund International School. The decision was taken in a meeting at the Business Development Fund (Næringsfondet) on July 6.


The Haram community is host to a range of advanced industry and technology companies and is in close proximity to Ålesund.  


This contribution is highly appreciated by AaIS.