Staff at AaIS 2016 / 2017

 Mr. Stian

Stian Nerland

General manager / business manager          

Stian Nerland is our General Manager / business manager. Stian was the original project manager at AaIS and has worked for NTNU and ÅKP, Ålesund Science Park among other things.
 Ms. Krissy

Kristen Carulli

Principal and pedagogical leader      

Kristen Carulli is the interim principal and pedagogical leader at AaIS. She has a Master's degree in Educational Studies with a connection in International Education from Oakland University in Rochester Hils, Michigan, USA. Before joining AaIS she spent two years each in Denmark and Lithuania. Krissy has extensive experience with the IB.   

Marit Ekli Broome  

Year 1 Teacher

Marit Ekli-Broome has Norwegian and British heritage, and has a great deal of experience in teaching the PYP. 

Charrissa Needham 

Year 2 Teacher

Charrissa Needham  has moved from a PYP school in Thailand. She is Australian and has much experience working with and teaching the PYP. 

Daniel Clouston

Year 4 Teacher

Daniel Clouston  is from Sau Paulo, originally of Brazilian heritage, and he grew up and was educated in the United States. He is well trained and experienced in the PYP.

Behailu Fedlunuri

Year 5 & 6 Teacher

Behailu Fedlunuri  is from Ethiopia and moved from Bergen. He is a football player and a passionate supporter of Liverpool.

Tonje O'Connor

Norwegian Teacher

Tonje O'Connor teaches Norwegian. While she calls Sjøholt home, she has lived and worked in a number of different countries throughout the world.

Iselin Osdal

Norwegian Teacher

Iselin Osdal is from Ålesund and has completed her teaching training at the college in Volda this year. She is teaching Norwegian, and also teaching English in the Middle School.
 Ms Katja2

Ekaterina Lebedeva

Norwegian Teacher and Learning Support Assistant

Ekaterina Lebedeva came to Norway 12 years ago and learnt the Norwegian language. Now she uses her experience helping foreign students do the same. Her big passions are ice-skating and her family.

Alice Leung

Learning Support Teacher

Alice Leung is from Hong Kong and is our Learning Support teacher. She works along side students throughout the school either supporting them in class or working closely with them in the Achiever's Cetre.

Pilar Borrajo

Spanish Teacher

Pilar Borrajo is from Spain and teaches Spanish in Primary and Middle School. She loves nature and Sports. 

Lidia Didriksen

ESOLEnglish Teacher

Lidia Didriksen  is our ESOL, English teacher. She is from Russia and very much enjoys the challenge of helping our students to develop their English language skills. She is also an excellent cook of Mexican food.


Anne Karin Amungård

Science and Maths Teacher 

Anne Karin Amungård is our Middle School teacher in Maths and Science. She is Norwegian and she has previously taught in middle and secondary schools.

Michelle Yarnell

Performing Arts Teacher

Michelle Yarnell is our Performing Arts teacher. She is Dutch-American grew up in The Netherlands (where she earned her IB Diploma), and then studied at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. She subsequently taught music at international schools in Oman, The Netherlands, and the U.S.A. She loves palying her bass clarinet, listening/going to musical theater, and baking suger-free and /or vegan desserts.

 Ms Ana

Ana Güelfo           Borrajo

Physical Education, Individuals and Societies Teacher

Ana Güelfo Borrajo is our Physical Education, Individuals and Societies teacher. She did her initial teaching in Spain. She is very highly accomplished in Kung Fu and has a developing reputation as an outstanding dessert maker.
 dani photo 1

Dani Pala

Design Teacher / IT Administrator

Dani Pala comes from Bosnia & Hercegovina, city of Mostar, where he studied Information Technology (IT). Dani has many year of experience in the IT department (computer networks, hardware and a little bit of programming). He came to Norway in 2015. Prior to joining AaIS, Dani began Norwegian language classes and now has foundational Norwegian knowledge. Dani is also experienced DJ and a great cook.
 emily photo 2

Emily Duarte Hommilano

SFO Leader / Learning Support

Emily Duarte Hommilano has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (Financial Management). She was a Chess Varsity Player since elementary to college. She previously worked as a Business Process Associate in a telecommunication company. She loves traveling and hiking in the mountains. 

Mette Willoughby 

Year 3 Substitute Teacher

Mette Willoughby  has a Teacher's Training Certificate from Bergen Teacher Training College, a Post Graduate Certificate from St. Mark's and St. John's, Lukes Teacher Training College, Exeter University, a Post Graduate Diploma in Primary School Management from Thames Polytechnic, London and a Post Graduate Diploma (Dyslexia) from York University in conjunctions with The Dyslexia Institute. She has taught 30 years in various English Primary Schools, 3 years at Emblem Barneskole, almost one year at Aalesund International School in it's founding year.
 MrAngel Angel Mesa


Angel Mesa is our caretaker. He is from Spain and he is also a very highly accomplished Kung Fu master.